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  • What is Reflections?
    The Reflections program was founded by Mary Lou Anderson in 1969 and provides students an opportunity for recognition and access to the arts which boosts student confidence and success in the arts and in life. Each year, students in pre-K through grade 12 create and submit original works of art in response to a student-created theme selected through the annual Reflections Theme Search Contest. Artworks are submitted first to LaVilla PTSA, where they are first recognized, celebrated and judged by grade-level divisions. Local unit PTAs then send a selection of entries on to Duval County council for judging. The final artworks submitted to Florida PTA by county councils are then considered for Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit. Award of Excellence entries are then forwarded to National PTA to represent Florida at the National level.
  • What art categories and divisions are available in the Reflections program?
    Students participate in the Reflections program in the division for their grade: primary (pre-K to grade 2), intermediate (grades 3-5), middle school (grades 6-8), high school (grades 9-12) and special artist (all grades welcome). Students may submit in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and/or visual arts.
  • What is the special artist division?
    In 2012, the special artist division was created through collaboration between a PTA volunteer committee and arts professionals with expertise in disability advocacy in the arts. The division offers modified rules and guidelines for students with disabilities, who may receive services under IDEA or ADA: Section 504, to participate in the Reflections program. Students may enter the grade division most closely aligned to their functional abilities and be recognized and awarded prizes as part of the general student population OR they may enter the special artist division and be recognized and awarded prizes as part of this division.
  • What is this year's theme?
  • How can I learn more about my specific art category?
    Dance Choreography (Spanish) Film Production (Spanish) Literature (Spanish) Music Composition (Spanish) Photography (Spanish) Visual Arts (Spanish) Special Artist (Spanish)
  • How do I submit my artwork?
    All submissions are due by Tuesday, November 21st. Download the Entry Form and email to Digital submissions can be included in the email. Visual art projects may be delivered to the LaVilla front office.
  • Is a PTA membership required to enter?
    Yes, a student PTSA membership is required to be eligible for all contest, including LaVilla, Duval County Council, Florida PTA, and National PTA.
  • What do Reflections award winners receive? When are the awardees announced?
    LaVilla Honorees: Honorees all announced in November 2024 Duval County Council PTA Honorees: Honorees all announced in January 2024 Florida PTA Honorees: Honorees all announced in March 2024 Award of Excellence Prizes include a $50 Award check, Award of Excellence ribbon, medal, and certificate. Artwork will be showcased at the Florida PTA Leadership Convention Reflections Gallery and submitted to the National PTA Reflections contest. Award of Merit Prizes include: Award of Merit ribbon and certificate. Artwork will be showcased at the Florida PTA Leadership Convention Reflections Gallery. Honorable Mentions Prizes include: Honorable Mention certificate. Artwork will be showcased at the Florida PTA Leadership Convention Reflections Gallery. National Honorees: Honorees all announced in May 2024 and are celebrated throughout the following calendar year. State-winning Reflections submissions that advance to the national level go through two rounds of review by esteemed arts professionals across the country. Through the review, over 200 student Reflections participants are selected for recognition with the following awards from National PTA: Award of Merit, Award of Excellence and Award of Outstanding Interpretation.

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